How do i activate avg ?

Activate AVG Internet Security

  • Open the AVG user interface and go to Menu > Settings .
  • Click My AVG in the top-right of the screen, then click My Subscription.
  • Select Enter a valid activation code.
  • Type or paste your activation code into the text box, then click Enter.
  • Your subscription is activated.
Except it if you want a fresh install reach www.avg.com/retail page to redeem your product key and login.


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  2. How to activate avg Except it you may also visit avg.com/retail for a fresh install. I mean if you are going to install avg for the first time , then you may need to create an account. But first of all you need to redeem the product key which will be done at avg.com/retail . After redeeming it will open another page that will ask you to login to your existing avg account or to register for a new avg account.

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